Discover how you can detoxify your womb to awaken your power to open up new and better things in your life through the use of crystal eggs.
Free masterclass clean your womb
In this powerful FREE class, I will teach you how the practice of crystal eggs will help you cleanse your womb and fill you with high vibrations from the inside out and help you move the energy within, expelling stagnant energy and replacing it with fresh, vibrant energy.

- Womb memories

- Guilt and shame

- Addictions

- Not feeling good enough, beautiful enough or worthy enough

- Feelings of emptiness and need that nothing seems to fill

- Chronically low energy levels

- Low desire

- Lack of libido

- Menstrual or menopausal symptoms

- Pelvic floor problems

- Lack of lubrication
Connect with your inner goddess through the use of crystal eggs.
What problems can crystal eggs solve?
What you will learn in this class
  • How to rewrite your story
    How to free yourself from layers of conditioning, limiting beliefs and stagnant energy from past relationships. And fill yourself with new and delicious energy to tap into your full potential.
  • How to awaken your joy and power
    How the practice of crystal eggs teaches you to own your enjoyment, connect with your self-love, deepen your connection to your essence and release years of shame, guilt and pain.
  • How to start using them
    Learn how to maintain them, how to choose them, when you should or should not use them, and how to use your eggs to begin your own process of opening up to pleasure.
Access the free masterclass
Click on the button below and reserve the date you would like to see the class.

It won't take more than 30 minutes out of your day and I assure you that the insights I share in it will change your life, just like they changed mine.
Receive the sacred ancestral knowledge of the crystal eggs.
For years I have been helping women to shine in every way and activate their feminine gifts to become magnetic to all that they desire. I have worked with people from over 20 countries and supported them to return to their innate beauty, power and love.

Now I am here to invite you to find your wholeness, to fall in love with your inner child, to be fully present in the now and to find the joy that is always present in the background of your existence. I am here now for your awakening, sister.
Hi, I'm Carol Arnelas
Who will guide you
Testimonials from women just like you
I met a wonderful guy and I haven't felt this way about someone in a long time. And the sexual part OMG, seriously, it has never been so good! I didn't know I was multi-orgasmic. Finally, I can enjoy lovemaking fully and let myself go. You have changed my life in every way. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
I have been using the rose quartz egg for two days now and I find it incredible to see the results in such a short time. I feel that I am working a lot on my love for myself, loving myself, respecting myself and really feeling myself, with lots and lots of love. Thank you for being here.
Carol, I wanted to tell you that in these days I enjoyed so much with a man I am getting to know. I have been amazed because I felt so much when I was sitting on top of him just kissing him I was having orgasms, without penetration and I was dripping wet all day. He makes me very turned on but I am sure that it is the effect of the eggs because it has never happened to me in my life. We are both looking forward to getting to know each other and the truth is that we are very comfortable with each other.
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