A 7-Day Deep Womb Healing Journey in the Mexican Jungle to reconnect with your true feminine essence, your truth and your pleasure nurturing your soul with an incredible transformation.

TULUM (MEXICO), MARCH 18th - 25th, 2023

Wild Womb Tantric Retreat
I welcome you to our 7-day Wild Womb retreat in the Mexican jungle.
A deep activation of your most authentic, unfiltered and instinctive self.
This retreat is a fusion of my studies in ancestral healing, Taoism, tantra, yoni, crystal therapy, yoni eggs, pleasure wands and womb healing.


~ Sisterhood and tribe
~ Womb healing
~ Ancestral work
~ Connection with the wild woman
~ Body acceptance
~ Sexual empowerment
~ Taoist practices
~ Yoni dearmouring
~ Yoni Yoga
~ Ancestral Massages
~ Cacao and Blue Lotus Tea Ceremonies
~ Ecstatic Dance
~ Goddess Temples
~ Temazcal with a local medicine woman
~ Womb Healing in a local Cenote

Welcome to the most nourishing 7 days of your life...
A space to give your soul, body and womb the Rest, Joy and Pleasure they deserve
A full week to heal your uterus from the womb of the Earth in one of the most spiritual places on earth, connect with your sensuality and power and raise your vibration by dissolving the fog that prevents you from connecting with your pleasure in all areas of your life.

A transformative experience for your body, womb, heart and soul, where you will find your own unique sensuality, enjoy emotional release, yoni yoga classes, connection with the divine womb in a temazcal ceremony and other tools which will completely shift your life and your pleasure.

And the most important part, you will come out with the tools to stay connected to your sensuality and your feminine essence when you return home!
A wild place
Our lodging in a very special place

We will meet in a magical place located in Tulum, located two hours from Cancun Airport.

An idyllic and well-cared-for place in the middle of the Mexican jungle that will allow us to embody the essence of our true wild nature.

A space, meeting and resting point to connect with ourselves as well as with the rhythms of Mother Nature.



Tulum is undoubtedly a place where you can breathe a magical and transforming energy surrounded by pyramids, ruins and the influences of the Mayan culture.

It is located in Quintana Roo, the Mexican Paradise. Privileged by nature, bathed by the beautiful Caribbean Sea, and blessed by mangroves, jungle, cenotes, subway rivers and lagoons.

At the Wild Womb Retreat, you will live an unique experience, reconnecting with your true essence which will accompany you until the last day of your life.

Visiting the Mayan Ruins World Heritage Site, being reborn and healing your womb in a Cenote, watching the sunset in one of the most magical beaches in the world on the shores of the Caribbean Sea, and women circles under the moonlight in the middle of the jungle are some of the many experiences you will live.


Trees and jungle of an incredible beauty are the other side of Tulum. You will arrive at a completely private place where you can breathe magical energy surrounded by nature.

With a beautiful pool and surrounded by the mexican jungle, our retreat centre is located in the middle of the jungle, where you will experience an unique tranquillity and privacy which makes it perfect for relaxation.

Thee is also a magical temazcal which makes it an ideal place to connect with our wildest nature and heal your womb from the womb of the Earth.

It´s strategical location makes it an special place so you can visit downtown Tulum and its beaches.


During the retreat, we will enjoy Healthy Eating Workshops to learn how to take care of your body with delicious vegan food.

Sharing sisterhood while cooking to connect with the sacredness of food prepared with love in tribe and using natural ingredients and, as far as possible, organic and always locally sourced.

In Tantra, our body is our temple and therefore during the retreat, we will live a process of physical, mental and energetic detox that will leave us totally renewed and liberated.

All the food will be vegan and prepared by us in sisterhood so that the medicine begins with the food and we can dive deeper into the process.
What is included
8 days and 7 nights accommodation and 3 meals daily.
✓ Daily Yoni Yoga and Tantric Meditation practices based on femininity, presence and pleasure.
✓ Daily Tantric Ceremonies where we will sing, dance, share and celebrate being alive.
✓ Healthy Eating and coexistence workshops.
✓ A sacred sisterhood for life.
✓ A powerful womb healing journey.
✓ Exploration of feminine archetypes.
✓ Cacao and Blue Lotus Tea ceremony.
✓ Ecstatic Dance
✓ Ancestral Massages
✓ Taoist and Tantric sexual energy practices.
✓ Rituals with Yoni eggs
✓ Night moon ceremonies
✓ Goddess Temples
✓ Yoni dearmouring practices.
✓ A day of practices and rebirth ceremony in a local Cenote.
✓ Temazcal ceremony with a local medicine woman.
✓ A hiking adventure to the Mayan ruins!
✓ Ceremony on the shores of the Caribbean Sea.

(Domestic and international flights, airport transportation, travel insurance and any other expenses not specified on this page are not included).
✧ 7:30 - 8:00 Snack
✧ 8:00 - 9:30 Yoni Yoga
✧ 9:30-13:00 Workshop: Healthy Eating, Brunch, Free Time
✧ 13:00 - 15:00 Practice: Tantric Meditations, Conscious Breathing, Feminine Archetypes, Women Circle, Yoni Eggs Rituals
✧ 15:00 - 17:00 Break + Snack.
✧ 17:00 - 18:30 Workshop: Massage, Healing Rituals, Conscious Sexuality, Cacao Ceremony, Singing, Yin yoga...
✧ 18:30 - 21:00 Workshop Healthy Eating, Dinner.
✧ 21:00 - 22:00 Night activity: Ecstatic Dance, Cacao and Tea ceremonies, Goddess Temples
* Subject of change
Sister, we welcome you
Why is this retreat different from everything you have done so far?
It's about bringing sensuality back, remembering that we are here to enjoy every moment, to rejoice in how good it feels when we women get together and put our energies in the same focus.
It is to live it live and experience your sensual woman in PERSON...
Meet your sisterhood. Experience the opportunity to share in a safe, judgment-free space with other like-minded women who simply understand you and feel, hug, sing and dance together. When women come together, we move mountains.
You will finally have the opportunity to take time for yourself and experience life from pleasure. When you dare to establish a deeper connection with yourself and with other women, you will find the path to your most sensual woman that you have longed for in the midst of your busy life.
Sacred ceremonies and rituals
Real connection with other women
A true retreat
Carol Arnelas
˝Some days
I am more wolf
then I am a woman
and I'm still learning
how to stop apologizing
for my wildness".
~ Nikita Gill
For years I have been helping women to shine in every way and activate their feminine gifts to become magnetic to all that they desire. I have worked with people from over 20 countries and supported them to return to their innate beauty, power and love.
Now I am here to invite you to find your wholeness, to fall in love with your inner child, to be fully present in the now and to find the joy that is always present in the background of your existence. I am here now for your awakening, sister.

Hi, I'm Carol Arnelas
Attention: this tantric experience is NOT for everyone...
And that's okay. This retreat is not for you if you...
You are so busy that you don't find the time to nourish, relax and take care of yourself inside and out.
You see women as rivals and find it difficult to express yourself openly and show your vulnerability in sisterhood.
Don't you feel a big "YES" in your heart as you imagine yourself sharing, celebrating and enjoying in a safe and judgment-free Circle with other women like you
The place will be definitively confirmed when the first payment is made.
Payment will not be refunded if cancellation is made by the retreatants.
Please note that making the payment implies acceptance of this condition.
Here's what you need to know...
To attend the retreat fill out the application form and we will contact you to schedule a video call to find out if this transformation process is for you and we will give you all the details.
Do you feel a big YES?
What's included
✓ Accommodation in a shared room (single room option)
✓ Full board
✓ All sessions
✓ Free access to all facilities.
✓ Tea, water and fruit throughout the day.
✓ Excursions to Mayan ruins, local cenote, beach, and temazcal.

We´ll read your application carefully, to find out if you are ready for this transformation process as we take the time and care to choose the women who will be part of it.
Do you feel that impulse in your heart which is saying YES, this is for me?
Click the bottom below to apply
You can send us your application here

*** If you have any questions before sending your application, please send us an email at info@carolarnelas.com and we will be happy to help you.
Don't miss this 7-Day Deep Journey in the Mexican Jungle to reconnect with your true feminine essence, your truth and your pleasure nurturing your soul with an incredible transformation.
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